Dedicated for our Children & our Community

New York Tamil Sangam is a registered non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, started on November 16, 1970, by Dr. P. Kumaresan at the residence of Mr. Chellappa Shanmugam, in Queens, New York. Dr. P. Kumaresan served as its first president, Mr. Chellappa Shanmugam served as first Secretary, and Mr. S.G. ShanmugaSundaram served as its first treasurer.

New York Tamil Sangam is the first ever Tamil Association started in the whole of North America.

New York Tamil Sangam today exists for promoting Culture, Art and Literature of Tamil ethnic community and for charitable causes impacting lives of people in need around the world.


New York Tamil Sangam is the first and foremost Tamil association started in North America, on November 16, 1970 by Dr. P. Kumaresan. The leaders came after him have developed the passion for Tamil language and culture in the fashion of Tamil literature, music and drama. It was our honor that once our beloved ‘Puratchithalaivar’ honorable Dr. MGR, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu brought with him his evergreen mega successful movie ‘NaadodiMannan’ when he visited USA and screened it exclusively for Tamil families living in New York.

Also, our beloved Poet, Kaviarasu Kannadasan, the King of Lyricists in Tamil Cinema wrote a beautiful song 

“Nilaiperum Uyar Angame” showcasing the best of New York Tamil Sangam during his visit to New York, and later Dr. Sirgazhi S. Govindarajan had sung the song in his melodious unique voice. We have adopted the song as our Theme Song for New York Tamil Sangam.

Every year New York Tamil Sangam organizes 4 to 5 major events to celebrate the significance of major Tamil festivals in addition to honoring celebrities, scholars, artists and elected officials visiting from India. We provide platform to showcase the talents of younger generation of our Tamil community. On a routine basis, we undertake charity work in the USA and abroad.



  • Serve Tamil ethnic community in New York.
  • Promote Tamil Language, Art and Culture.
  • Promote Charitable causes.
  • Increase awareness of rich Tamil culture and heritage among the younger generation.
  • Celebrate Tamil Festivals.
  • Promote and honor Tamil scholars and artists.
  • Actively participate in Federation of Tamil Sangam of North America (FeTNA) activities.


  • Provide forum to maintain and share Tamil culture, heritage and literature.
  • Interact with other communities with a view to promote unity.
  • Cultivate and promote Tamil culture and friendship by organizing various cultural events and social activities.